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Angel: I know that watching my uncle, my grandfather, and my mother go through this disease has been painful because I want to help. I want to take it away. I want to take the pain away. And I'm not able to. And I decided that somebody needs to take up the charge. Somebody needs to put a face to this disease. And somebody needs to make sure that it is getting the attention and the research that is needed.

Tonya: My sister, Angel, she was tested I believe two years ago, and the results were negative. But she could've just stopped there. She's just networking everywhere to get people aware, to get our family help.

Deedra: She's been like a driving force for this whole family because it's so hard to get all of us together.

Daryel: My daughter, Angel, is amazing. She doesn't want to see any of her brothers or sisters or their kids have to live with this. I cannot ever thank her enough. This family can't thank her enough. We owe a lot to her. We do. And I love her.